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Curbside Drive-Through and Home Delivery Service for
Injections of Vitamin B12, Vitamin C and Glutathione in Coral Springs

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to drive up to a medical clinic and have a qualified medical professional administer immune boosting injections right in your car? Now you can…at a Nuviva Medical Weight Loss clinic near you! As your health and well-being is our first concern all staff will be using hand sanitizer and gloves when handling your injections and medications. Additionally, we are strictly adhering to all CDC and WHO advisories for sanitization and social distancing within our clinics.

We believe in supporting our family of clients not only through weight loss but also through a proactive approach to overall health and wellness. We have a myriad of key injection therapies to boost your immune system, improve sleep, help curb the effects of stress on the body, and increase your energy levels. We utilize injectable therapies for the best absorption and best result. Find a clinic near you and help boost your immune system and keep healthy today with our premium injectable therapies. Call today to get more information on these amazing services.

Vitamin B12 / MIC

Naturally occurring vitamin that boosts your metabolism, increases your overall wellness, boosts your energy and increases fat burning capabilities.


“The Mother of all Antioxidants” is naturally occurring substance that is produced in the liver to help the body maintain its own defense system. It not only improves the immune system, fights free radicals and increases energy, but also improves sleep and detoxifies your body. Glutathione has also been shown to reduce joint pain and medical discomfort and help reduce the effects of stress on your body. Learn more

Vitamin C

We all know Vitamin C is good for boosting our immune system and general health but it is a difficult vitamin to absorb properly through food and supplements. We’re offering injectable Vitamin C to help keep you healthy and strong.

Vitamin D3 - Sunshine Vitamin

Vitamin D3 is vitamin critical to strengthen your immune system improving bone density and strengthen teeth. Vitamin D3 has anti-viral, and immune system boosting properties.

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Your Coral Springs Weight Loss Doctor ANTONIO GANDIA, M.D.

Dr. Gandia looks forward to helping you on your weight loss journey. His kindness and giving heart are reflected in his professional achievements. As a practicing board certified emergency medicine physician, currently serving at one of South Florida’s largest teaching hospitals, Dr. Gandia has worked with a vast array of patient needs and circumstances through his 30-year tenure in emergency medicine.
Dr. Gandia’s also serves as Medical Director for the Emergency Department at Mount Sanai. He is a Fellow of the American College of Emergency Physicians. Trained both in Surgery and Internal Medicine, he has extensive experience in patient care.
While serving patients in South Florida, he has been honored with numerous local, state, and national awards. Dr. Gandia’s professional highlights include:
• EMS/Fire Department Medical Director for over 25 years
• President of the Florida Association of EMS MED Directors
• Served on the Executive Board of the Florida College of Emergency Physicians
• Serves on the EMS Advisory Council in Broward County and the Florida EMS Advisory Council. He is especially humbled by the fact that this position is appointed by Florida’s Governor.
• Has held academic position at the University of Miami, Florida International University, Florida Atlantic University, Nova Southeastern University and Barry University in which he teaches and mentors Residents, Medical Student, and students from ARNP and PA programs
• Appointed as President and Chief Medical Officer to Braxton College in Ft Myers, Florida.
Dr. Gandia is excited to bring his vast experience in patient care to the Nuviva Medical Weight Loss family and looks forward to helping you achieve your health and wellness goals.

Your Coral Springs Nutrition Coach Chris Gilbert

Hometown: Coral Springs, FL
Education - Northeastern State University
Military – united states army commissioned officer
Personal training

After graduating from Northeastern State University in Oklahoma, Chris joined the United States Army as a Commissioned Officer. During his service Chris developed an innate calling for fitness, nutrition, and wellness. He led daily physical fitness training soldiers under his command. As a commanding officer of 136 soldiers, it was Chris’s responsibility to monitor all members under his command to ensure they maintain proper weight, body composition, and personal appearance. He also helped lead an initiative that greatly assisted in reducing the number of overweight Soldiers, helping service member avoid being released from duty due to weight issues and increasing overall retention. After serving 4 years in the army, he chose to continue his career by serving in the United States Army Reserves in the State of Florida. During his he worked as a full-time personal trainer and Nutrition Coach while attaining his Masters of Business Administration. Chris’s lifelong passion for helping others has led him to join the Nuviva Medical Weight Loss and Wellness team in Coral Springs. He looks forward to meeting you and helping customize your program to help you reach your fitness goals in the caring, compassionate environment of the Coral Springs clinic.

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