Why Nuviva?

From your reason for getting started to the amount of weight you want to lose, beginning a health and weight loss journey is a highly personal process. But, so is our approach to helping you see long-term results.

At Nuviva, we don’t push a one-size-fits-all, pre-packaged program because we know what works for one person might not be the best fit for you. And while there are universal phases within our plan, each one is tailored to your goals, your metabolism, and your nutritional needs. Your weight loss plan is unique to you, made up of a custom combination of nutrition coaching, weight loss medications, supplements, exercise plans and one-on-one support. We pride ourselves on a strong multi-phased approach.

Weight Loss Nutrition

Personalized nutrition coaching with easy-to-follow meal plans and educational materials to help you stay on track with your weight loss goals.

Weight Loss Medications

Combined with diet and exercise, a customized weight loss medication plan can help you shed pounds and maintain long-term results.

Weight Loss Supplements

Support your weight loss progress with supplements designed to help with fat loss and long-term weight management.

Weight Loss Exercises

Burn fat and build muscle with exercises created to help you lose weight while setting you up for a healthy, active lifestyle.

Weight Loss Support Program

Weekly one-on-one support with your local Nuviva team to answer any questions you may have along the way and offer personalized support.

Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Our goal at Nuviva is to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle while shedding pounds and promoting your overall wellness.

Weight Loss Nutrition

Weight Loss Nutrition

Personalized programs for healthy weight management.

Nuviva’s weight loss programs start with a personalized approach to nutrition that combines nutrient-dense foods with easy-to-follow, maintainable eating habits.

We know extreme dieting can lead to emotional eating and even weight gain, setting back your progress with potentially dangerous consequences. That’s why our plans help you create a healthy routine around your food, guiding you on what your best options are for each meal.

Just as important as the food you’re eating, is understanding the why behind those choices and making that knowledge part of your routine moving forward. We provide you with educational materials to help you personalize your meal plans even further based on your preferences and goals.

Weight Loss Nutrition

How Nuviva’s weight loss nutrition programs work

Easy-to-follow meal plans

Easy-to-follow meal plans that fuel you and your goals

Fad diets that throw your body into starvation mode don’t work. Your body needs food to fuel your daily life, whether you’re putting in hours at the office or the gym. Nuviva’s nutrition coaches help you create a healthy eating plan that works for you.
Clear Guidelines & Support

Clear guidelines on which foods support your weight loss goals

If you’re ever unsure on which foods are a better choice towards your goals of losing weight, the answer won’t be far away. Whether it’s a phone call to your weight loss coach or flipping through your Nuviva materials, you’ll have the tools to make the right choice every time.
Weekly nutrition check ins

Weekly check-ins to go over your nutrition

Staying consistent is the most important part of losing weight. That’s why we see you every week for a check in on your progress. We’ll go over your food choices and any challenges you faced to ensure you’re on track to see the results you’re after.