Nuviva weight loss


  • Exercise and Weight loss

    One of the BIGGEST misunderstandings when it comes to weight loss is that it will not happen unless you exercise. This is false, yes you read that correctly, weight loss cannot be done with strictly exercise ALONE. Exercise has many beneficial factors to it so please do not read this article and think that exercise is not healthy. It still is very important to overall health, it is just not the key role in weight loss. Research has been conducted for years to prove that it is not that important for weight loss.Exercise only accounts for a small portion of daily caloric burn

  • Mindful Eating and Eating Decisions

    A key to a healthy lifestyle change and a diet is consistency and determination. The human body needs and likes consistency. Mindful eating or eating consciously is a technique that helps you gain control and regulate your eating habits. It has been shown to cause weight loss, reduce binge eating, and help your overall health. Unconscious eating patterns are the most common theme and struggle among clients. Usually weigh gain is accidental; the outcome of a busy life, emotional stress, mental stress, or even mental weakness. All of these can lead to unconscious eating habits and accidental weight gain.

  • Glutathione

    Glutathione, also known as gamma-glutamylcysteinylglycine (GSH), is a tripeptide. A tripeptide is a peptide consisting of three amino acids (cysteine, glycine, and glutamic acid). Peptides are extremely diverse and play a large amount of important roles throughout the body. Peptides make up proteins, some act as hormones; act as structural components for muscles and much more!

  • Water and Weight Loss

    One largely overlooked component to a new healthy lifestyle is water intake. Staying hydrated and drinking enough water is key for many factors from digestion to muscle function. Every single cell within the human body needs water to function properly. Nuviva recommends 8 (8oz.) glasses of water each day in order to insure that everyone is getting enough. This amount can differ based on a person's lifestyle and needs so if you feel like you need more water, drink it!

  • Weight Loss Myths

    If you type "Weight Loss" into your search bar you will be bombarded with fad diets, magic pills, cleanses, and so many other tips, tricks, or scams. How can you tell what is the truth? How can you tell what will work? It's frustrating to have to filter through these results. The trial and error that can come from each technique can make it seem impossible to lose weight.

  • Sugars & Added Sugars

    Added sugars may be the single unhealthiest thing in the modern diet and can be hidden in many ways by food processing companies. Leading added sugar sources are sugar-sweetened beverages, grain-based desserts (cakes and cookies), candy, and dairy desserts like ice cream. These common treats store many different types of hidden sugars and can be harmful when overly consumed!

  • Summer Time-Stay Healthy

    Summer time has come around and all of a sudden eating healthy has become more difficult. Beach trips, vacations, and summer holidays seem to bring temptation and make it more difficult to stay on track. This article will provide you with some tips to help yourself out, especially through this holiday week!

  • Portion Control

    A popular topic of conversation when discussing weight loss or developing a healthy lifestyle is mostly what foods to avoid and what foods to eat. One commonly misunderstood topic is; if it's good for you, you can eat it whenever and as much as you want. This is incorrect. Portion control is so important to weight loss, maintaining a properly functioning digestive system, and a healthy lifestyle. Eating the right portions is just as important as eating the right foods.

  • Fiber

    Fiber is a largely overlooked necessity to weight loss. It's suggested for men to aim to eat 30-38 grams and women should aim for 21-25 grams of fiber each day. It can help with weight loss. It can also lower your blood pressure and improve your body's response to insulin. A simple diet with fiber intake is just as effective as the complicated dieting fads. However it is best not to eat a lot of fiber right away but to increase your intake slowly to improve your body's response.