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Summer Time-Stay Healthy

Summer Time-Stay Healthy

Summer time has come around and all of a sudden eating healthy has become more difficult. Beach trips, vacations, and summer holidays seem to bring temptation and make it more difficult to stay on track. This article will provide you with some tips to help yourself out, especially through this holiday week!

While on vacation try to engage in physical activity! This may help offset any overconsumption that could occur. If you’re at the beach take a stroll in the sand or swim in the ocean. While staying at a hotel take some laps in the pool or walk around the town you’re visiting. When sightseeing try to take the more physically interactive route; instead of taking a bus or motor tour try a walking tour. See if there are any physical activities offered where you are staying- there could be kayaking adventures, hiking adventures, or even white water rafting adventures. All of these are healthier alternatives!

One important thing to remember during the summer and on any vacation is traveling and heat can dehydrate you very easily. Drink A LOT of water while participating in different physical activities or even just laying out on the beach! Pack water in your backpack, hotel mini-fridge, and your car, anywhere that you think you’ll need it! The easier it is to access the less likely you are to become dehydrated. You need to keep all your systems going while on vacation and don’t deprive your body of what it needs!

During beach trips, vacations, and holidays it can be difficult to prepare for things. Preparation is key to following a healthy lifestyle during times like these. Pack a cooler for your car or beach trip. Fill it with healthy snacks and set a timer on your phone to make sure you’re eating every 2-3 hours! Usually when traveling or participating in summer vacations people tend to forget to eat and then end up starving and overeating at the end of the day. REMEMBER to eat throughout the day to avoid overeating high carb foods at night!

A lot of people like to celebrate by eating out. This seems to be hard for most people who are trying to avoid the temptation of bad foods and oversized portions. When eating out try not to think of it as a special treat. Americans use to believe that going to a restaurant was a rare occurrence but now most families eat out for no reason at all! If you can convince yourself that this occasion isn’t something that you need to splurge on then the temptation will seem weaker! Plan ahead and take a peak at the menu before you even arrive at the restaurant- you have an idea of what you can and can’t have. To avoid the appetizers by ask for a small side salad, this way you have something in front of you while everyone is eating the bread rolls! The last tip for staying on track is avoiding the larger portion sized meals; try to order the half portions. Most restaurants offer smaller plates-these are the best options to help ensure you are not over eating. If the restaurant does not offer a smaller plate ask someone if they would like to split something with you OR when you receive your food, ask for a take home box and automatically place half of it inside to shut it. The last option helps keep the extra food out of sight, most people have a unconscious habit of eating whatever is in front of them; this will help avoid that tendency.