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Net Carbohydrates…What, How, and Why?

Net Carbohydrates…What, How, and Why?

A common question throughout this new lifestyle process refers to Net Carbs. “What are Net Carbs? How do I determine the amount of them? Why should I be aware of them?” All of these questions are extremely important within a healthy lifestyle.

Net Carbohydrates are the carbs in your diet that can be absorbed and used for energy. They are the total carbohydrates minus fiber and sugar alcohols, this gives you the total net carbohydrates found within that food. Fibers and sugar alcohol pass through your digestion without breaking down so your body doesn’t utilize them.

Net carbs are the amount of grams of carbohydrates that impact your blood sugar level. The less a food interferes with your blood sugar level the less likely it is to interfere with your weight loss. Therefore it is important to be aware of how what you eat reacts within your body. Fiber is a carbohydrate from plants that humans can’t process. Sugar alcohol has a different molecular structure from that of sugar molecules. This leaves them partially or completely indigestible by humans.

Carbs are ok but only in moderation. Carbs in moderations are actually promoted but excess carbs can cause harm. They can spike your blood sugar, cause inflammation, trigger and enhance food cravings, disrupt hormones, mess with gut micro biome (bacteria), contribute to obesity, weight gain, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, and more.

Calculating your Net carbs is an important skill to acquire in a healthy diet. You can determine the number of grams of Net Carbs with the information provided on the nutrition label provided on your food. You can also google food labels for food that is not provided with one, such as fruits and vegetables

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Therefore it is important to understand counting net carbs and the reasoning behind it. It will help you with weight loss, weight control, and education on the healthier lifestyle. It’s important to have control over the amount of net carbs you consume in one day. It’s important to be aware of how much your body needs and if you are going over that or not. It’s also a necessity to be educated on why certain topics in a healthy lifestyle are important. Hopefully understanding what Net Carbs are, how to count them, and why will help with getting, maintaining, and keeping a healthier lifestyle.