Weight Loss Success Stories

Weight Loss Success Story

Weight Loss Larissa M Before and After *Actual Nuviva Client

Life after Nuviva is fantastic

Nuviva has helped me lose the weight and feel alive again, if I may tell my story on how it all started….

May 2010 I went through a terrible divorce which left me heartbroken and feeling lost without my best friend and life partner, to help with that void I turned to food.  Next thing I knew, I was 228 lbs feeling ugly inside and out. Not only that I felt lost without my “other half” I had managed to gain over 50lbs which didn’t help either.

Roughly a year after (summer of 2011) I started doing a lot of soul searching, traveling, reading and getting in touch with my spiritual side and realizing that I need to simply “let go” and focus on what is best for me mentally and have a “thoughts become things” attitude..and Voilà!. That’s The Secret.  After I had fixed myself mentally I started thinking about losing a few lbs.

Fast forward to February 2012 I entertained the notion to date again and found an amazing person inside and out who would love me for me, Daniel has been my rock and always love my curves regardless of the size but I was not happy, I wanted to be physically fit.

7 months ago I drove by Nuviva and decided to call, Jimmy answered, appointment booked and I walked in a couple of days later. Nervous as heck, I walked in and little Ariel popped her head up from behind the counter and greeted me, gave me my paperwork to fill out then shortly after I met Jimmy.

Jimmy is the man who walked me through this journey to lose the weight. He’s managed to fix what was broken and now I am an amazing, confident, full of life woman who has the desire to live again! Jimmy, you have saved me and for this, I am truly grateful.  Ariel, you’re just too stinkin’ cute! I love you both.

Life after Nuviva is fantastic, I’m down to 160.  I still keep in touch with my new family, I was in there a couple of weeks ago walking my friend through the scary process of the first time you walk in.  I just got a text from her saying “Girl, I am down to 206, I started at 212″.  Sounds to me like Nuviva is going to have another happy patient 🙂


Larrissa L.

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