Weight Loss Success Stories

Weight Loss Success Story

Weight Loss Kellie Q Before and After *Actual Nuviva Client

I have never felt so good and looked so good in my life.

I was introduced to Nuviva in 2010 through a girlfriend who had found the program and wanted me to go with her for moral support. At the time, I weighed 150 pounds and was extremely unhappy with my weight. As a mother of 5, at this point in my life, my oldest was 20 years old and my youngest was 5. I had also recently started a new job and had put on about 20 extra pounds.

So I went with her and I listened to the Nutrition Coach, Jeremy, tell his story. As he explained how easy it was, it was plain to see how excited he was about the Nuviva program. That’s all it took – I was sold. I joined the same day my friend did and we enjoyed a little friendly competition.

We were given the dietary phase packet and we were off … I was so excited! I had never really done a weight loss program before except Weight Watchers. I found Weight Watchers too cumbersome, as there was so much to track.

The Nuviva program was very easy to follow.

I made the choices about what I ate, and I was the one responsible for my progress.

I stuck with the program and felt so much better right away! The weight started coming off the very first week, and it just kept coming off. I met my goal and then some. I have never felt so good and looked so good in my life. It has truly been a blessing. Nuviva has changed the way I view food and live my life.

It’s more of an educational program, but you don’t even realize it while you’re in it. You are better educated on what to put in your body as fuel instead of storage. I am happy to say I have kept the weight off for several years now. I thank Nuviva and Jeremy for helping me get the life I deserve.

Kellie Q.

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