Weight Loss Success Stories

Weight Loss Success Story

Weight Loss Johanna T Before and After *Actual Nuviva Client

I finally found a program that works!

Since a teenager I have always been overweight and felt uncomfortable with the way I looked. I had tried so many different diet programs and nothing seemed to work. I pushed myself so hard and started working out about 5 times a week, stopped the junk food and still no results. One day a friend of mine mentioned Nuviva and the success she had. Since I had tried everything else, I figured ‘what do I have to lose?’

Being a mom and working full time really didn’t leave too much time for myself, including eating right and exercising. So I set up my first appointment. I was very impressed with the whole staff; they welcomed me in, didn’t judge me and encouraged me that I could reach my goals.

Now, I couldn’t wait to start. The support, motivation and awesome teamwork really assisted me on staying focused and on track. I’m one of these people who need to be motivated and encouraged. The Nuviva staff went way beyond my expectations. The program was easy to follow and I always had a support group, which was the best.

Also, the weekly visits to the clinic helped me feel accountable and challenge myself. Each week I’d work to do better than the last and looked forward to seeing the results on the scale. The staff was supportive and informative and helped keep me focused & motivated.

I thought the journey would have been hard and painful but it was not; the teamwork Nuviva has is outstanding. They went way beyond their duties; I even felt as if I had a family helping me reach my goal. After 3 month of being on the program I lost a total of 40 pounds, now two years later I have been able to keep it off.

I finally found a program that works! My husband even went through the program and he lost 70 pounds in three months.

I can now say how great I feel! I have confidence to finally go out and be active. My health is so much better, I am so much happier and have found real joy! I can finally be me. I can say Nuviva has truly given me a new life!

Thank you all for helping me reach my goal and for my Nuviva!   Nuviva is not just a program, they become a part of your family!!


Johanna T.

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