Weight Loss Success Stories

Weight Loss Success Story

Weight Loss Dana G Before and After *Actual Nuviva Client

I have struggled with my weight since I was a teenager

Since her teenage years, Dana has struggled with her weight and body image. She didn’t like what she saw in the mirror and never felt comfortable in her own skin. For years, Dana would try the next new diet or join another gym. But she found it hard to stay motivated after so many failed attempts to not only get the weight off, but to keep it off as well.

She stated she was ‘at the end of her rope’ and began researching new options. She found Nuviva and decided to give it one more try. Dana wasn’t sure at first if she’d even be able to follow a weight loss program. Working in the hospitality industry and going back to school didn’t leave much spare time. Additionally, she was used to the social aspect of food through her work and wasn’t sure how she would maintain the new dietary habits she was learning. But she says the program was easy to follow and within the first month changed the way she looks at food and exercise forever.

Nuviva taught her what she needed to know to finally get and keep control of her weight.

Dana said the program was just what she needed. She knew a little about nutrition and  a little about working out, but now how all the components fit together. She didn’t know how to fuel her body with the right foods and how exercise fits into her overall health. Nuviva taught her what she needed to know to finally get and keep control of her weight.

Also, the weekly visits to the clinic helped her feel accountable and challenge herself. Each week she’d work to do better than the last and looked forward to seeing the results on the scale. The staff was supportive and informative and helped keep her motivated.

Not only did she finally lose the weight she’d been struggling with since she was a teenager and keep it off, she discovered an unexpected benefit to going through the Nuviva program. She actually spends less money on food now than she ever did before. Dana said ‘the extra savings has really been great in this economy. Dana has never felt this good. She finally has the confidence in herself she has wanted since childhood and says she can’t be thankful enough to Nuviva for helping her find herself again.


Dana G

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