about Nuviva medical weight loss

About Nuviva Medical Weight Loss

More than weight loss, we’re your guide towards a happier, healthier life.

With locations throughout Florida, Nuviva Medical Weight Loss helps our patients live a healthier, more active lifestyle while reaching their weight loss goals and keeping the weight off in the long term.

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The Nuviva approach to weight loss

Dedicated weight loss doctors and nutrition coaches

Each clinic location has a weight loss doctor and nutrition coach on staff to create a personalized program for you and guide you along every step of the way. This expert support helps promote better results as you work through the program. Working with the same team week after week means developing a real connection and trust system you can always turn to for encouragement and accountability.

Healthy balance of nutrition and exercise

Healthy balance of nutrition
and exercise

At Nuviva, our medical weight loss programs pair healthy nutrition with physical activity. This is the key to losing weight and keeping it off for good. At the same time, we understand our patients come to us at all different levels of fitness, so we work with you to craft a workout plan that puts your health and safety first. Our approach isn’t just about helping you lose weight, it’s about helping you get healthier and stronger.

Weight loss medications and supplements

Weight loss medications and supplements

To support your weight loss journey, our Nuviva doctors may prescribe you medications and supplements. These are not “magic pills” or quick-fixes—they’re a key part of our program and designed to work alongside a healthy diet and regular exercise. From reducing cravings to giving you an energy boost, these medications and supplements can mean the difference to finally get you the long-lasting results you want.

Meet the Nuviva Team

Weight Loss Alex Joseph

Alex Joseph,
President & CEO

After graduating from Florida State University with a passion for health and fitness, Alex partnered with cardiologist Dr. Brian Arcement to found the Human Performance Longevity Center. In meeting new patients, he began to recognize a need for an advanced medically assisted weight loss clinic, and Nuviva was born.

Alex takes great pride in the services Nuviva offers and celebrates each patient’s success. His ultimate goal is helping people live longer, healthier lives, and he looks forward to sharing the Nuviva system with others around the country in the future.

Weight Loss Coach in Florida

Jeffrey R. Delaney,
Vice President & Co-Founder

Jeffrey has dedicated his career to the healthcare and wellness field, working as an emergency medical technician, critical care respiratory therapist, and a specialist in nutrition and fitness coaching. Through this, he realized how nutrition and exercise could improve and change lives. His passion for helping others led him partner and work with longtime friend Alex Joseph in the creation and development of the Nuviva program and franchise.

Jeffrey currently oversees the operation of his Naples Nuviva location and is actively involved in the expansion and training of the Nuviva Medical Weight Loss franchise.

Weight loss programs in Florida

Jeremy Avner,
Managing Partner

Jeremy is an avid believer in the power of diet and a healthy lifestyle and how it can truly change a person’s life. Whether it’s leaving behind the medications they have been trying to get off of for years, or finally making real change in their day-to-day lives, Jeremy helps our patients accomplish whatever they set out to.

Vitamin shots for weight loss in Florida

Megan Spears,
Chief Operating Officer

Megan, a graduate of Furman University in South Carolina, brings a commitment to helping others to the Nuviva leadership team. She has served in executive positions in both the private and non-profit sectors, where she oversaw and managed community relations and marketing efforts.

Megan embraced the opportunity to be part of the Nuviva team, with a focus on overall efficient and effective operations that ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction within the Nuviva experience. She is also a liaison for Nuviva’s growing family of franchisees.