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Curbside Service Update - We want to help make things easier, faster, healthier and safer for you during these troubling times. With that in mind we are now offering curbside injections (you stay in your car) for B12 (Energy and Weight Loss), Vitamin C and Glutathione (Boosts the immune system). For our weight loss patients we are offering stay at home visits by phone and via Internet. We are also offering curb side pick-up for medications and supplements. All staff will be using hand sanitizer and gloves when handling your injections, medications, etc. If you do need to come into the clinic rest assured our policy is that every patient room is fully sanitized before you enter and that all staff wear gloves and/or use hand sanitizer. Your health, happiness and well-being are our first concern.

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Weight Loss Support

The Nuviva Medical Weight Loss program is centered on the individualized support that we provide each of our patients. Our staff is available to answer any and all questions during the course of your program.

Our weight loss support system is designed to be a concierge type of service each client can reach us during a crisis or to ask questions by telephone or in person whenever needed.

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